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The natural order of a life..

Today as I prepare to enroll my youngest son Miles for kindergarten, the journey is bittersweet, as my oldest son Jonathan prepares for his last year of high-school. I am emotional to say the least, but I’m told that such is the natural order of life. I dare say, that being a single Mother, who … Continue reading

A good day

Today was a good day, filled with wonder and joy, and the realization that God is in Everything, every situation and circumstance, we only have to hold fast to his teachings and he appears as a still, small voice reminding us to submit to his will…He is truly able to carry our burdens, and the … Continue reading

Trusting God

Today I’ve had the overwhelming urge to do God’d job, without his experience..or his tools, after re-examining the problem I painfully acknowledged, that I am hindering my own break-through. Self-sabotage…… Are you familiar with it?